Gasfind IR Camera


The monitoring technicians are responsible for the monitoring and tagging of all components in the plant, under the direction of the EMSI Supervisor. They work from 0700 to 1600 Monday through Friday. Each day at 0700, the monitoring technicians must calibrate their TVA-1000. Each quarter, the TVA’s must go through a precise calibration, which checks the response time on each TVA. A copy of the daily procedures for the technician is attached. When a monitoring technician finds a leak, he will perform a first attempt of repair or notify the pipefitter assigned to the EMSI group. If they are unable to repair the leaking component, a work order is written to the mechanical group for further attempts. If a component procedure is found to be leaking, a white tag is hung on the component. If a leaking component cannot be repaired without a shutdown of equipment, a red shutdown tag is hung on the component. If the equipment is shutdown, it may not be restarted without repairing the leaking components associated with the equipment. The shutdown tag cannot be removed until the component has been repaired and remonitored and found not to be leaking. The tagging procedure consists of the monitoring technicians attaching a stainless steel tag on the component and other information as required by the data entry form.

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